Cultural tours and activities in Barcelona

Cultural tours in Barcelona: The Cathedral of the Sea*

  • Cultural tours in Barcelona: The Cathedral of the Sea*
  • Cultural tours in Barcelona: The Cathedral of the Sea*
  • Cultural tours in Barcelona: The Cathedral of the Sea*
  • Cultural tours in Barcelona: The Cathedral of the Sea*
  • Cultural tours in Barcelona: The Cathedral of the Sea*
  • Cultural tours in Barcelona: The Cathedral of the Sea*
  • Cultural tours in Barcelona: The Cathedral of the Sea*
  • Cultural tours in Barcelona: The Cathedral of the Sea*
The Cathedral of the Sea*

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The Cathedral of the Sea*

This literary tour will let you relive the stories of this exciting novel through its different locations; places that after almost 700 years we will revisit from a different perspective whilst admiring the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about the characters and about one of the most emblematic monuments of Barcelona, Santa Maria del Mar, the apogee of Catalan Gothic art.


Starting from 14€


"From the top of Collserola Mountain, on the old Roman road that connected the northern city Ampurias with the southern Tarragona, Bernat discovered for the first time the freedom and the immensity of the sea! He has never imagined something that has no end."


14th Century: the city of Barcelona was a prosperous city and had grown towards the shore. The humble new district of fishermen decided to build, with their own money and efforts, the greatest temple that had ever existed: Santa Maria del Mar.


Day: Sundays

Hour: 10:00h.

Starting point: Santa Maria del Mar square, in front of the main façade. Look for the guide with a RED umbrella!!  

Finishing point: Plaça Nova (Joan Brossa Barcino letters)

Lenght: 2:30h

Itinerary: Santa Maria del Mar , calle Montcada, Vidriería, Pla de Palau, calle Consolat de Mar, Canvis Vells, calle Argentería, Plaza de la Llana, Plaza del Blat, Plaza del Rei, Plaza Sant Jaume and Plaza Nova.

Price: 14€


If you want, when the tour has finished, you can taste and enjoy some pintxos in the city center! Here you will find our tickets to "Tavern and Tapas Tour"!

Important: The organization ensures the realization of the activity even with rain. All children under eight years are admitted free. You must be at the meeting point with an advance of 10 minutes. The event will start on time.

*Exclusive product of ICONO serveis culturals



Accessibility: Middle

Access with step from 2 to 5 cm, ramp with moderate incline, proper width gates, lift up to 5 people, adapted hygienic services. It is necessary help from another person in certain moments.


Points worth noting:

Capilla del Santísimo en Santa Maria del Mar: access with step

Roman Temple at Paradís Street: not accessible, but you can see it properly from outside.

Medieval Synagogue: not accessible.

Calendar: available dates

  • 26/02/2017, 10h. In Spa/Eng
  • 05/03/2017, 10h. In Spa/Eng
  • 12/03/2017, 10h. In Spa/Eng
  • 19/03/2017, 10h. In Spa/Eng
  • 26/03/2017, 10h. In Spa/Eng
  • 02/04/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 09/04/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 16/04/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 22/04/2017, 10h. In Spa/Eng
  • 30/04/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 07/05/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 14/05/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 21/05/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 28/05/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 04/06/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 11/06/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 18/06/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 25/06/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 02/07/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 09/07/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 16/07/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 23/07/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 30/07/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 06/08/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 13/08/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 20/08/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 27/08/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 03/09/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 10/09/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 17/09/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 24/09/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 01/10/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 08/10/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 15/10/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 22/10/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 29/10/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 05/11/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 12/11/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 19/11/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 26/11/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 03/12/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 10/12/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 17/12/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 24/12/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa
  • 31/12/2017, 10h. In Cat/Spa


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