• 12 secret places in Barcelona

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ICONO guide: 12 secrets in Barcelona

Our city has corners that can not only surprise you, but also make you believe that you really are outside of a metropolis. Below, you can download the first installment of our definitive guide for this summer 2020 in Barcelona, in which we discover 12 incredible places that will make you believe that teleportation exists and that this city can come to keep the best and most beautiful of the world.

Forget about the need to travel to remote places to feel apart from the masses. The 12 locations that we reveal in the guide that you can get in exchange for your free subscription to our newsletter service (thanks to which you will be the first to know about our exclusive promotions and discounts) will take you back in time, to past times, and also in space, to environments that could well belong to other continents of the planet.

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