• 48h Open House Barcelona 2019

    10th anniversary of the date between Barcelona and its architecture on October 26th and 27th

Over 150 buildings will be open to the public

48h Open House is the main date of Barcelona with its architecture, a weekend on October when more than 150 buildings open their doors to the public. A initative from 48 Open House Barcelona association.

48h OPEN HOUSE BCN is an architecture festival, a weekend of open doors to so many different types of buildings, totally free. It wants to reach the society and territory in a transversal way. The citizens of each district can learn about the nearest and farthest patrimony and get to love it. Though if you’re not visiting Barcelona during that weekend o you just prefer to visit those buildings calmly and accompanied by a professional guide, ICONO offers customized tours. Here you have our selection of the best buildings you can get to see during this year’s Open House Barcelona.

  • Triumph Arch

    Saturday from 10 to 19h and Sunday from 10 to 19h.

  • Venetian Towers

    Saturday from 10 to 18h and Sunday from 10 to 18h.

  • National Theatre of Catalunya

    Saturday from 10 to 16h and Sunday from 10 to 16h.

  • Mies Van Der Rohe Pavilion

    Saturday from 11 to 19h and Sunday from 11 to 19h.

  • City Hall

    Sunday from 10 to 13:30h.

  • National Art Museum of Catalunya

    Saturday from 10 to 18h.

  • Casa Vicens

    Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 10.30h and from 18.30h to 20h.

  • La Model Prison

    Saturday from 11 to 19h and Sunday from 11 to 19h.

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