We are a company dedicated to tourism and cultural service since 1995.

We were the first guide and activity agency specialized in business tourism in Barcelona and over the years we have been expanding our services.

Our mission is to help you discover the culture, tradition, history, gastronomy and architecture of Barcelona in a sustainable and quality way.

Among our values, customer care predominates to make each experience unique, creativity and quality both in the training of the guides and in the services offered.

The close and familiar treatment that characterizes us don’t make us lose a bit of professionalism, on the contrary: We take care of each service as if it were for a friend or relative.

Our areas of action are:

  • MICE & Incentives
  • Educational services in Institutions and Museums
  • Management and Teams Coordination of guides in regular services for Tour Operators
  • Holiday tourism for private groups (Luxury)
  • Cultural Regular Tours

Icono is formed by a team of passionate and trained people in the field of humanities, tourism, pedagogy and education. In addition, a multidisciplinary team of professional guides, historians, artists, journalists, architects, actors, singers …

Address - Contact

Carrer de Montsió, 10

08002 Barcelona

Tel. 93. 410 14 05


  • 1994

    Blanca y Mónica

    they know each other working as guides in the Real Monasterio de Pedralbes. They decide to associate and undertake a project together.

  • 1995

    Icono born

    and becomes the first company in Barcelona to offer specialized activities in business tourism

  • 2000

    Icono grows

    and consolidates 2 lines of business: educational projects for cultural dynamization in Museums and organization of events, activities and tours for the tourism sector (MICE & vacations)

  • 2019

    Currently Icono Serveis is formed

    by a team of passionate and trained people in the field of humanities, tourism, pedagogy and education.

  • Every day

    Our mission

    is to help to discover Barcelona in a sustainable and quality way.

Travel Sustaineble!

While traveling, your choices impacts on the environment, society, and economy. Watch out for alluring low prices on some website: there are many companies running tours with illegal guides without paying any taxes. This type of unfair competition have negative socio-economic repercussions on sustainable tourism. According to the law, all companies and guides must have a license issued by the regional government. To avoid troubles with institutions and monuments, always ask your guide to show the badge before starting a tour.
Go safe, Choose Icono! Icono Serveis is an authorized tour company. All our guides are regularly licensed, covered by an insurance and pay taxes.
You can make the difference. Travel sustainable!

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