• Corporative team building: optimize your company

    How to be successful  improving your team’s relationship

Team building to increase productivity

Companies and organizations from all spheres need cohesive, motivated teams with sense of belonging and that have an excellent interaction between them and the environment. The team building activities can help you in that, and nowadays there are new trends that include art and creativity in their at its best.

Whether it’s a small start-up or a major corporation, teamwork is crucial in any successful business. We ICONO are team building specialists and experience have shown us that the teams that work best together are those that are built on good relationships.

More than the traditional recreational-formative activities, which often tend to bore, the tendencies of team building today are more inclined to creativity and art, to achieve that desired perfect work team. These are original activities that generate empathy and good vibes, an excellent option that companies have in the search for their productivity.

The new trends look for getting the groups out of their comfort zone, from what they know from their daily routine, this is the only way to innovate and to know what each person is capable of, which is the beginning of the creativity.

We ICONO want you and your team to get your best yield. That’s why we have a wide range of incentive activities (MICE) for different kinds of companies. Apart from enjoying your visit in Barcelona, you’ll have a good time next to your workmates.

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