Who is this online team building for?

To companies or groups  (family, friends), due to current circumstances, they are forced to work from home and want to enhance their cohesion from a distance.

Why are we your best option?

We connect your needs with our ideas, we understand that we are all different and that there is a type of message for each person. Our experience with hundreds of clients supports us and makes us your best option.

100% personalized

Contact us and we will help you choose the activity that suits you best based on your needs.

Audiovisual support

The wine tasting is interactive and has audiovisual support such as graphics, and animations.

Professional support

The tasting is led by an expert sommelier with experience in online events.

Why attend an online fun tasting session? This is a starting point if you want to receive high-quality information about Spanish wines entertainingly and socially. Stay home and socialize online.

It is the perfect time to find out new hobbies and explore the world from home. Virtual Wine tasting activities are a great way to learn about wine culture. You also get to socialize with people who share the same passion for Spanish Wine Culture as you do.

Everybody is welcome, no need for previous knowledge. This is more than a tasting; it is a Virtual Tour to Discover Spain. Your senses will guide you through landscapes, climates, and grape varieties… a perfect way to get close to Spain by discovering wine regions and personal stories behind each bottle.

What will we do?

We will start with a short introduction to the tasting, and the sommelier will do the following presentation:

  • The history and tradition of wine in Spain focused on the last 150 years.
  • Internationally best-known wine regions
  • Spanish grape varieties which give the signature personality
  • Best known wine styles such as Rioja, Jerez, Cava, or Albariño.

The sommelier will make a selection of 4 different wines from the main areas and renowned wineries. High-quality wines, very representative from each region that will show you the big potential of Spanish wines.

  • Rioja (or Ribera del Duero)
  • Priorat (or Montsant)
  • Cava
  • Albariño from Rias Baixas

You will discover a bit more about the terroir, the history of each winery, and each bottle’s circumstances.

If it is your first time on a tasting session, you will also learn some basic tips to do a proper tasting so you can feel all the nuances a wine can give.

During the presentation, we will also show maps, photos of the vineyards, and wineries where the wines are produced, the people behind those wines… In this sense, you will see the wine beyond the label.

The tasting could be paired with manchego cheese, Spanish ham, llonganissa (dry sausage), and pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato, which you will need to have the ingredients in advance). The sommelier will talk about the basic rules of pairing and food pairing recommendations.

✔When you buy your ticket, you will receive an email about the wines you have to buy for the tasting. We will give you precise instructions on the type of wines, the quality and where to buy them.
✔On the day of the tasting, you will connect with Enric and the other participants through the Zoom platform, and you will follow his instructions. It is a friendly tasting, where all wine lovers who want to learn more about Spanish wines are welcome.
💣✈Warning: this online wine tasting may produce a desperate desire to visit Spain ASAP. Fingers crossed for 2021 travel!

Discover Spanish wines. Online wine tasting.


  • If you are a group or want a private session, you can choose the day and time.
  • You can also participate in the scheduled tastings: Sundays at 12.30 PM PST  (Price: $48/2 people)

     Language: the one that your group prefers.

  Price: you’ll have your budget within 24h.

   Comfort:  from anywhere.



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