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    ¿Es posible evitar las multitudes en tu visita a Barcelona?

Is it Possible to avoid crowds on your visit to Barcelona?

I find very often, in tourist press and in social networks, articles where they formulate one of the biggest challenges for tourism activities companies:

How to visit iconic monuments without crowds?

As I said before, it is a challenge to be able to assure some clients that, for example, they will visit the Sagrada Familia without the usual crowd, or that they will be able to walk through Park Güell with tranquility, …

Of course, there are options, and I sincerely believe that all the monuments with a lot of visitors, make notable efforts (with greater or lesser success) to regulate the entrance, the queues, etc. We are all concerned that anyone doesn’t want to visit a place to avoid hours of waiting or the fear of an agglomeration that would negatively affect their tourist experience.

What can we do to improve this problem? Think about tourist quotas? Redistribute them throughout the year? I do not have all the information to give an answer or opinion on this issue, even if it is personal opinion. But, from my position, as a director of a tourism activities company, I believe that we can propose more solutions and get our customers to live a great experience visiting a city full of tourists.

How do we do it from ICONO?

1. Planning a tour is like a puzzle. All the pieces have to fit perfectly. It is vital to articulate the schedules and visits, with the customers’ goals and present the best options so that they can enjoy their trip 100%.
This planning requires work, dedication, and to be up to date with all the proposals offered in the monuments and museums of the city. We know the city, we live in it daily, we walk through it, and we introduce in our proposals monuments and heritage sites perhaps less known in the tourist circuits but of great artistic value.

For example, a few days ago, I visited practically alone, Europe’s largest Art Noveau complex, the Hospital de Sant Pau, a few meters from the Sagrada Familia. It is not necessary to describe here the tremendous historical, cultural, and artistic value of the Sant Pau complex and its connection with the city of Barcelona. When I left there and walked for about 15 minutes, I found this panorama, the Sagrada Familia overflowing with people, inside, and especially outside.

How is such a difference possible? Shouldn’t we introduce more proposals that will also add value to the final result? In Icono we are convinced that yes, and the experiences of our clients confirm it.

2. Propose alternative tours through some of the most attractive places, outside the tourist itineraries. We invite you to discover our new proposal in the Gothic quarter.


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