Discover the key places, characters and works of their artistic outburst.

Find out all about the Spanish painters Picasso, Dalí and Miró.

Description of the multi part course

Spain has always been a land of artists. In these classes, we will delve into the psyche, interests, and art of three great painters who have marked contemporary world art history.

During the first half of the 20th Century, many leading Spanish artists worked in Paris, where they contributed to – and sometimes led – developments in the Modernist art movement.  As perhaps the most important example of this, Picasso, working together with the French artist Braque, created Cubism’s concepts; and the sub-movement of Synthetic Cubism has been judged to have found its purest expression in the paintings and collages of Madrid-born Juan Gris.  Similarly, Salvador Dalí became a central figure of the Surrealist movement in Paris; and Joan Miró was influential in abstract art.

📌  This course consists of a total of 3 lectures, which can be purchased individually or in groups:

1. Pablo Picasso’s world: women, struggle, and art.
2. Psychoanalyzing Salvador Dalí: traumas, complexes, and taboos.
3. Art as Meditation: Joan Miró. Here you can enter the map of Miró’s life and works in Barcelona

Multi-part course

   Schedule:  January 9th, January 16th , January 23th,  at  11 am PDT/ 2 pm EST/ 8 pm CEST

     Language: English

   Price:  Offer last minute: 2 sessions: $27/ 25€  / 1 session: $14,99/13,50€

   Duration: 1,30  hour.


Extra seat 10€/$10

Free cancellation/rescheduling of the tour on its starting day buying 5€ insurance.


Anna Pou van den Bossche

The Masterclass will be given by Anna Pou van der Bossche, Art Historian, Master in “Thought, theory, and debate in 20th-century art”. Postgraduate in “Direction and Management of cultural institutions, companies, and platforms” She is the presenter of art programs in Betevé and designer of the art content for programs of the same chain.

She has great professional experience in the teaching field and is an Official Guide of Catalonia.

Since 2019 she is the artistic director of the Center d’Arts Digitals IDEAL, being the curator of her first exhibition dedicated to Monet.

What can I expect for this course?

Learn more about the artistic legacy of these 3 great artists.

Explore the private world of each of them.

Experience the feelings that give us their works.

Connect with people who have the same passion for art as you

It is not recorded content. Therefore, you can talk and ask anything you want.

Enjoy listening to our specialist Anna Pou. Great connoisseur of the subject and great speaker.

Discover in detail

Look at the details that are inappreciable to the naked eye and that’s always blocked by crowds of tourists.

From anywhere

Follow the explanations of our guides from where you are most comfortable and forget to queue for your visits.

Take care of the planet

Apart from avoiding weather issues, you will travel in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

What advantages do our Live Tours have?

Small groups

We want you to have a great experience, so we are going to set a limit of 10 connections on each online tour.

Free cancellation

If at the end you’re not able to you join the tour, you’ll be able to reschedule it or ask for a total refund of the activity.

Local expert guides

Our renowned guides live in and for Barcelona, so they’ll transmit their passion for our city heritage to you.


Gothic Quarter

Get to know the Roman ruins, Medieval palaces and secrets hidden in the most ancient, charming and magical neighborhood in Barcelona.

Modernist Barcelona

Learn everything about the Catalan Modernism movement and also its greatest artists and artworks such as the surprising Casa Batlló by Antoni Gaudí.

Barcelona Highlights

A perfect tour to discover the most important neighborhoods, buildings and monuments of Barcelona. You’ll move through the city as a local!

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