Official guides and facilitator

Trust the wisdom of our guides and do not leave anything to chance

A guide is like a star

Will guide you, explain you and help you in everything you need

Attention and follow-up

During your stay to offer the best personalized service

Accredited official Guides

In many languages

As a good event organizer, you already know it, but we suggest some good practices to make your visit a success

  • The size does matter

    Máximo 20 personas por cada guía. Es nuestra recomendación para mantener la calidad de las explicaciones y la dinámica del grupo


    Hire radio guides. There are headphones to listen the guide without having to be by his side. So you enjoy the most of the visit

  • Divide and win

    Our recommendation: Divide large groups. Everyone will have their guide, it will be more comfortable to listen to the explanations and access the places of interest

  • In the diversity we find the success

    Combine the tour with tickets to monuments and places of interest. You can also include a gastronomic stop or a break with aperitif included

We can set up tours and visits as you wish, but here we leave you some visits so you can get ideas

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