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Long Live Catalonia: Satehood or Status Quo?

1.30h Masterclass in which you will learn, from an impartial perspective, the two sides of the coin of the political conflict in Spain: the independence of Catalonia against Spanish unity.

The Spanish Civil War

Discover the factors that led Spain to General Franco’s coup, which turned into a nearly three-year Civil War in the heart of Western Europe that precedes WWII.

Jewish Heritage in Spain

Discover the unique immaterial heritage in the Iberian Peninsula from prosperous Jewish communities befire they were expulsed in 1492 from Castille and in 1497 from Portugal.

Saint Petersburg & the Russian Revolution

The beginning of the XX century changed mankind’s history: the Russian Revolution polarized the world since then. Let’s walk through the capital of the empire and let’s discover the places and the character who forged a Revolution.

George Orwell and the Spanish Civil War

Coming soon!

Columbus and the discovery of the New World

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The Spanish Inquisition

Coming soon!

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