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Let our dedicated family specialist and inventive pedagogues lead your family on an exciting and fun-filled expedition through the heart of the historic Barcelona. Your kids will be delighted to discover a version of history made just for them, full of valiant kings, princesses and dragons, quirky stories, hidden street art and more.

In the course of 3 hours, your guide will inspire the whole family with infectious enthusiasm and an expressive style of storytelling, sparking the imagination of all the little brains in your group (and the adult ones too!). Younger members will receive an interactive workbook especially designed by our educational experts, which is sure to keep their attention.

Trust in the wisdom of our guides and discover Barcelona

Our family tour experts are skilled at adapting each tour to its audience. Let your children be the actors of their own experience, you’ll be surprised how much knowledge they can handle!

Your guide will help point out all the great details and curiosities that you might have missed along the way, revealing all the quirky and playful secrets of Barcelona.

Tour Highlights


Come with us to see the oldest shops in the city, where you can still taste chocolates, cakes, and cookies made there!


Did you know that Barcelona keeps a treasure from Roman times? Come discover it!


Look up! Look up! A multitude of gargoyles haunts the medieval buildings of Barcelona, peering down from churches, houses and town halls. Clinging to edges and ledges, these projections carved from stone take the form of humans or animals or fantastic beasts. Let’s look at unclean monkeys,  strange savage lions, and monsters!! Can you believe it??


Visit the palace of the king and walk along the ramparts of the medieval city

History of Barcelona, family tour , point by point

Meeting point: Carrer Montsió 10. Rusc de turisme.

Plaça Nova

In the Plaça Nova, in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, almost touching the wall of the former Roman city, seven giant letters contrast with their historic backdrop. They are part of the alphabet created by Joan Brossa to spell out the word Barcino, the principal name of the Colonia Iulia Augusta Faventia Paterna Barcino, which was the origin of present-day Barcelona. The letters, six of them made of bronze and one of aluminum, are bolted to the ground and make up a fun and original display, very much in keeping with this Barcelona-born artist’s visual poems

Casa de l’Ardiaca   

The Casa de l’Ardiaca, the residence of the ecclesiastical hierarchy from the 12th century onwards, has undergone many alterations over the years, such as the ones carried out in the early 16th century which connected the building with the dean’s residence. This was also the period when the porticoed central courtyard was built and the Renaissance-style decorations, which tie in with the flamboyant Gothic style of the original building, completed. A staircase leads to the upper terrace, a balcony in the purest Romeo and Juliet style.

Barcelona Cathedral

The Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia watches impassively the passing of time in a constantly moving and changing Barcelona. The Cathedral also reflects the different generations who have left their imprint and the blend of architectural styles in this predominantly Gothic building which needs to be viewed inside in order to fully understand its splendor. We will visit the cloister to know the 13 white geese!!

MUHBA, Temple d’August  

As you explore Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter you’ll come across one of the city’s best-kept secrets in a building on Carrer Paradís. Inside a small medieval courtyard, the four columns from the Temple of Augustus have survived despite the passing of the centuries. They are more than 2,000 years old, like Barcelona itself.

Placa del Rei  

The Conjunct Monumental de la Plaça del Rei in Barcelona is, arguably, the Gothic architectural ensemble which best exemplifies the city’s medieval past. The royal palace, the Palau Reial Major, and its surrounding buildings enclose a harmonious and peaceful square which is still imbued with Barcelona’s splendour during the Middle Ages.

Plaça de Sant Jaume  

The Plaça Sant Jaume has been the city’s political center almost since its inception. Today the Plaça Sant Jaume is an open space, a “lung” in the middle of the Gothic Quarter. The square is the site of the most important buildings in the lives of Barcelona and Catalonia: City Hall and the Palau de la Generalitat.

Plaça del Pi  

A Gothic basilica and the two picturesque squares that surround it form one of the most enchanting corners of the Gothic Quarter. The old cemeteries that surrounded the 14th-century church are now small squares where painters and artisans exhibit their works.

Carrer Petritxol  

If you are looking for streets with this special charm in Barcelona, you can’t miss carrer Petritxol, it is a pedestrian street known to be the street of chocolate in Barcelona and I will explain to you why. Carrer Petritxol is documented since 1340, and the name petrítxol comes from the word “pedrítxol” that refers to those stones that didn’t allow the carriages to come inside a certain street. Petrítxol was the first pedestrian street in Barcelona city in 1959.

Casa Bruno Quadros

La Rambla is an endless box of surprises. A box that opens and allows us to glimpse jewels, including this allegory to Orientalism, the Casa Bruno Cuadros, which used to be an umbrella shop of Barcelona in its time. Its style, similar to modernisme with its use of color and the delicacy of its decorations, have made the Casa Bruno Cuadros a worthy addition to the photograph albums of many of Barcelona’s visitors.

Este tour es el más completo que hemos encontrado para descubrir Barcelona en 1 día. Además no hemos tenido que preocuparnos por las entradas. Entramos directamente por la entrada de grupos sin tener que hacer cola y nos dieron auriculares para escuchar mejor al guía. En el Park Güell tampoco tuvimos que esperar. Pero lo que más nos ha gustado son las explicaciones del guía. Sabía de todos los temas y nos explicó historias super interesantes de la ciudad y nos enseñó los rincones más escondidos del Gótico.

Jorge Hernández14-06-2018. Tour Best of Barcelona.

We loved Barcelona. It’s an amazing city. We are so glad to find this tour and be able to personalized without cost. Anna did a great job and was very kind with our kids. It’s difficult to  keep children’s attention during 6 hours but the 3 of them were very interested and even asking questions.  And they enjoyed to climb in the Park Güell. The idea to adapt de tour for the kids was the key! Thank you.

Wickers FamilyTour Best of Barcelona. 29-10-2018

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We find this tour looking in internet and we decided to buy it after talking with one of the guys there. We didn’t know nothing about the company but we trusted it because of the personal treat and. Everything was very professional: the booking, the guide and the car.

Emilie TaylorTour Best of Barcelona. 7-5-2019

An ideal tour if you have little time to visit Barcelona. We went through all the important places and saw the highlights of the city. The car very comfortable and clean. The guide knew a lot and answered all the questions

Jean R. BaudotTour Postcards from Barcelona. 4-07-2019

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