How much do you know about Barcelona?

Barcelona is a great city. One of the most visited in Europe. Everybody knows something about it: The Sagrada Familia, The Mobile World Congress, The Mediterranean Sea…. But, as a travel agent: Do you really know about the city? Answer this 10 questions and discover how much do you know the city

How much do you know about Barcelona?

Barcelona was founded in
¿cuánto sabes de Barcelona?
Barcelona is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and by two mountains from where you can admire the city. Could you tell the name?
During the Middle Ages, Barcelona became a prosperous city thanks to maritime trade. The city grew a lot and palaces and churches were built. One of the most famous is that of the image. Would you say your name?
The Castellers are human towers that reach up to 12 or 15 meters in height. The structure is made up of people of all ages and it is the youngest who climb to the top. Do you know when exhibitions are normally done?
The Boquería market, located next to Las Ramblas, is one of the most famous in the world. In its construction it was already located outside the walls of the city. Do you know why?
Where is it located and what is the name of the fountain where the Barça fans celebrate the victories of their team?
The architect Antoni Gaudí has ​​given Barcelona a lot of fame. What is his most famous work?
Barcelona is a very comfortable city to walk. It has large sidewalks and many pedestrian streets. What do you think is the ideal way to visit Barcelona?
In Barcelona have lived great artists like Dalí, Picasso, Miró ... Do you know which of them has the museum in a town located 1 hour from Barcelona?
Barcelona is an ideal city to buy. It has shops with more than 100 years old and boutiques with the most famous brands. Do you know which of these routes does not talk about it?
How much do you know about Barcelona?
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