Work on labor relations remotely thanks to our online video-conference service, where you will interact live with your colleagues and our professionals.


Discover yourself and have fun with your work colleagues! Our online activities will give free rein to your imagination as you work on integration and leadership.


Our virtual experiences are prepared with the same care as our usual services. Product quality and customer satisfaction come first.

New virtual team building activities

At ICONO, we have imagined different ways to strengthen teams and make them disconnect from the business routine for 25 years, and the present moment demands it more than ever. Our new virtual experiences are an innovative proposal committed to new technologies without forgetting the quality that defines us.

Give your team the opportunity to meet each other in a quiet and fun environment.

Connect and bond more deeply all while learning and practicing communication skills based on improvisation.
Virtually. Really? Yes!

It is more than a great unique moment.

It is also a set of skills that create a creative, supportive, and fluid work environment.

What can you expect from a virtual team building session?

  • A great unique moment for everyone.

  • Develop a set of skills that will generate creative teamwork.

  • Promote more dynamic work teams

  • High level of satisfaction and commitment of people.

  • Achieve a good atmosphere among the workers that will then continue in working time.

Which Live Team Building would you like to try?

ICONO Trivia

Are you looking for an original and fun way to liven up an event for your company or group? With our new and innovative virtual game, you have it very easy!

  • Live online activity.
  • Master of ceremonies included.
  • 100% personalized.

Tapas Challenge Virtual

Are you looking for a fun online activity for your group that will also make you an expert in Spanish gastronomy? This group game is your answer!

  • Live online activity.
  • 100% personalized.

Picasso Workshop Virtual

Do you want to practice teamwork and unleash your creativity at the same time? Our most loved group activity is now in digital format!

  • Live online activity.
  • 100% personalized.

Discover Spanish Wines. Online wine tasting.

Join us for an online wine tasting session of 4 Spanish wines, by Enric Català, a professional sommelier!

  • Live online activity.
  • 100% personalized.

The Spanish Paella Experience. Virtual Event.

Madrid local Arantxa, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and passionate home cook, will show you the secrets to cooking traditional paella, Spain’s iconic rice dish.

Spend time with your team, family, or friends in a unique and entertaining way—and bring your food-loving kids!

  • Live online activity.
  • 100% personalized.
artesano haciendo espardenyas

The Barcelona Espadrilles Workshop.

Welcome to one of the most unique online experiences in the world!

We organize fun and challenging private corporate sessions for all kind of companies around the world.

It is the more memorable experience of its kind.

After each workshop, we send every participant a pair of Espadrilles to their home.

  • Live online activity.
  • 100% personalized.

Motivate your team

Boost your group cohesion and business values to reinforce company performance.

From where you want

We will connect through an online platform and we will carry out the activity at the time that you tell us.

Take care of the planet

In addition to avoiding the inconvenience of the weather, you will have fun in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

Discover Barcelona with our new virtual tours

Do you need more information?

Do you need more information?

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