Who is this online team building for?

To companies or groups that due to current circumstances are forced to work from home and want to enhance their cohesion from distance.

Why are we your best option?

We connect your needs with our ideas, we understand that we are all different and that there is a type of message for each person. Our experience with hundreds of clients supports us and makes us your best option.

100% personalized

Contact us and we will help you choose the activity that suits you best based on your needs.

Audiovisual support

The game is interactive and has audiovisual support such as graphics, timers and animations.

Master of ceremonies

One of our consultants will lead the session and have a short training session with all of you.

ICONO Trivia by TriviaBCN

   Schedule: you choose the day and time.

     Language: the one that your group prefers.

  Price: you’ll have your budget within 24h.

   Comfort: play from anywhere.

Description of the activity

ICON Trivia is a question and answer game in a television contest format ideal to entertain all kinds of events.

Our online quizzes embrace a wide range of topics and different formats that adapt to the characteristics of each group so that the experience is as personalized as possible.

Directed by a master of ceremonies, the quiz questions are asked in a fun and entertaining way, providing anecdotes and interesting information throughout the game. There are as many rounds and number of questions as you want, and the theme is chosen by you. It can be played individually or in teams through an online platform. We will carry out the game at the time you tell us.

Ask for your budget:

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