November 2018. Tailored team building activity

At the beginning of autumn Schibsted (parent company of Habitaclia and Fotocasa) contacted us to organize an event adapted to their values. After some work meeting and a lot of creativity was an activity designed to surprise the employees and make them spend a magical afternoon without forgetting at any time that, even from the wheel at the top of Tibidabo, they were working.

A pleasure to work together!

The Cathedral of the Sea Tour

November 2016. 10 years of success

In 2016 the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the Route of the Cathedral of the Sea, based on the work of Ildefonso Falcones Church of the Sea, was celebrated. To celebrate it, Cristina, the guide who has done the route the most times, tells us about her charms and secrets.

Although in these ten years it has never stopped going out, now it is again in the mouth of many thanks to the TV series of TV3, Antena 3 and Netflix.

If you have not done it yet, you can not miss it.

Century Old Shop Tour

A walk through the shops of the Barcelona of 100 years ago

Hopefully, those who remain will find the complicity and help necessary to survive in the city. Visiting them and seeing how they work each one is becoming a possible privilege for few.

Discovering Barcelona

A Treasure Hunt to discover Barcelona

In our treasure hunts the participants usually get the best out of themselves. On many occasions, hidden talents are discovered during working hours in the office.

We leave you a case that left us in love. To us and all the walkers of the Ramblas in Barcelona who stopped to listen.

The Gothic Discovering is undoubtedly our best team building cohesion activity to discover Barcelona.