Sitges. Trivial & Tapas

April 2019. Team Building Event: Trivial, Tapas Tour and salsa masterclass

It is not the first time that we set up an activity for Total, but it was special. They wanted a fun group cohesion activity where there was room for food. The stage could not accompany better by measure and offer and we also caught one of those afternoons at the beginning of April with sun.

We combined our trivial, a team building halfway between the game and the visit, with 3 well-stocked gastronomic stops. The event ended with a masterclass of salsa where the most daring (and those who still had strength) took the rhythm from within to delight all the group with their dance steps.

Thank you for making us accomplices of your joy!


Noviembre 2018. Actividad team building a medida

In early autumn Schibsted (parent company of Habitaclia and Fotocasa) contacted us to organize an event adapted to their values. After some work meeting and a lot of creativity there was an activity designed to surprise employees and make them spend a magical afternoon without forgetting at any time that, even if it was from the ferris wheel at the top of Tibidabo, they were working.

A pleasure to work together!

The Cathedral of the Sea Tour

November 2016. More than 10 years!

In 2016, the 10th anniversary of the start of the La Catedral del Mar Route was celebrated, based on the work of The Church of the Sea by Ildefonso Falcones .. To celebrate it, Cristina, the guide who has done the route most times tells us about her charms and secrets

Although in these ten years he has never stopped dating, he is now in the mouth of many thanks to the TV3 TV series, Antena 3 and Netflix.

If you haven’t done them yet, you can’t miss it.
A pleasure to work together!

Centenary Commerces

A walking tour to the centenary shops in Barcelona.

A special tour in danger of extinction. More and more centennial businesses in the city center decide to close their doors. The rise in rents, the proliferation of low cost tourism, the depopulation of the old quarter are some of the problems that many store owners face and that make them unfeasible to continue with the family legacy.

Hopefully those that remain will find the complicity and help needed to survive in the city. Visiting them and seeing how they work is becoming a possible privilege for few.

Discovering Barcelona

Treasure hunt to discover Barcelona

In our treasures hunts the participants usually get the best out of themselves. On many occasions, hidden talents are discovered during office hours.

We leave you a case that left us in love. To us and to all the walkers of the Ramblas of Barcelona who stopped to listen.

Discovering Gothic is undoubtedly our best team building cohesion activity to discover Barcelona.

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