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ICONO recommends: International Women’s Day 2020

March 8 is approaching, marked on the calendar as International Women’s Day, although for the ICONO team it is every day. It is true that culture is linked to the struggle and vindication and that is why we have prepared a selection of the best activities in Barcelona specially designed for this celebration.

Comics, gym, stories, concert and genre workshop

Since the mid-nineteenth century, women have taken to the streets to claim and claim labor and salary improvements, family reconciliation, equality and to completely reject sexism. In any case, although more than a century has passed since then, the struggle has not ceased, since it has been demonstrated that it is still completely necessary. Really … the revolution will be feminist or it won’t be!

The most important nucleus in which one, whether male or female, can participate in that great revolution is the family. Therefore, here we leave activities designed especially for infants or for family activities. Here you have a list of proposals for mothers and fathers to enjoy with their children:

Comics against machismo
Until 03/12
CC Cotxeres Borrell
Exhibition especially aimed at the adolescent and young public that approaches the construction of gender stereotypes and the role of cultural representations in the reproduction and / or eradication of sexist violence.

The indiscreet window: a history of gènere’s perspective
6/03 at 17.30
CC Navas
Free workshop by Marina Sáez presenting the editorial project of the interactive story La Finestra Indiscreta, which wants to break the prejudices culturally assigned to children. During the second part of the workshop a collection of postcards will be developed using the stamping technique.

9 moons
03/10 at 12 noon
CC Parc-Sandaru
Concert for all audiences with songs and music of their own composition that invite you to travel through the moments we go through during pregnancy and motherhood. A project by Tànit Navarro and Rusó Sala based on nine songs, one for each moon, with Mediterranean and Latin American rhythms. The ticket is priced at € 4.

You join, elles!
03/10 at 12 noon
CC The Sortidor
Storytelling session with stories featuring different types of women, positive female references that reinforce the breakdown of stereotypes about the roles of men and women in society, rooted in many of the traditional stories. The stories are: Olivia (Ian Falconer), A Little Red Riding Hood (Marjolaine Lerayl), Rosa Caramel (Adela Turin), L’autobus de la Rosa (Fabrizio Silei) and A Lloc per a la Rula (Mar Pavón and Maria Girón).

Family gymnastic
03/18 at 12 noon
CC Casa Groga
Activity scheduled within the day dedicated to Women’s Day, which includes a space for reflection on women’s themes, a theatrical and musical scenic corner and this family gym to close the cycle at the CC Casa Groga

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