• Slow Gothic Quarter

    A new tour created day by day from our own walks.

A tour to discover the real Barcelona.

In tourism it is said that the experiences are not created, but that they are found, and this is what happened to us with our new tour, a slow tour that has been grown day by day from our own experience.

We are lucky to work in the beautiful historic center of our beloved city, Barcelona. The walks to see customers, to do errands or to look for lunch turn into pleasant strolls in which we get to know the neighborhood and its neighbors better and better.

After a while of thinking about it, we thought we would love to share our real experiences in the neighborhood and that is why have conceived a route with our favorite places, monuments, streets, shops and bars, the ones we like the most and which we like to show off with friends and family.

We would like you to savor the experience as we do, that is why we propose to lower the revolutions of your trip and be pleased with a Slow tour, a quiet walk in small groups whose objective is you yourselves find real and authentic situations during the tour.

Slow Gothic Tour

What does Slow mean?

For us, above all, it means love for things well done, closeness, humanity, and authenticity. In the face of fast food tourism, stress and exhaustion, we desire to offer a more authentic way of relating to the environment and the people who inhabit it.

The tour goes through the historic districts but we avoid the most popular and overcrowded tourist circuits to dodge stereotypes and clichés. Tourism is one of the most important activities in Barcelona but our goal is that visitors and citizens can enjoy a balanced and respectful way with the environment, preserving the values ​​of identity and coexistence.

What do we want to share with you?

Special sites, full of history, with charm and authenticity, because they are places lived by the people who lived and live in the quarter, and also unknown to the general public, even to many people from Barcelona.The route runs through the neighborhoods of Sant Pere, very familiar, the Ribera traditionally more commercial area and the Gothic Quarter, where our city was born.

We will talk about the ancient walls, the scars of war in the city and in our culture, and the firsts industries that have shaped the city. A living city that continues to change but with deep roots and strong communities that remain very present, keeping the local network of the neighborhood alive.

We will finish the tour in the Gothic Quarter, a more tourist area, where you can visit the monuments that you like the most on your own.

As good hosts we could not forget the gastronomic part, as well as a sweet surprise during the tour, we will also take advantage of a tasting in a very special place, connected with the art, the quiet and the charm of the Gothic architecture. Don’t miss, if you wish, a good chat with our guide

How are we going to do it?

We’ll take a calmly walk with an official local guide, a great professional, passionate about Barcelona and, above all, very close.

We will be a small group, maximum 12 people.

Option of private or regular tour, with weekly departure.

Would you dare to join our proposal?

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