In tourism it is said that the experiences are not created, but that they are found

We propose a new tour designed day by day from our own walks.

What does Slow mean?

For us, above all, it means love for things well done, closeness, humanity, and authenticity. In the face of fast food tourism, stress and exhaustion, we desire to offer a more authentic way of relating to the environment and the people who inhabit it.

Slow Gothic Tour

Barcelona is our city and we love it.

Like you, who have decided to come and visit it. Congratulations! You have chosen a good destination. It has a lot to offer but in recent years it has been filled with tourists and the experience is not always what was expected.

Long queues to go into the sites, charming places full of selfie sticks, huge groups of cruises and free tour massified by the city center.

Are you afraid that the experience does not correspond to your expectations?

Then stay calm. You have come to the right place. We have worked hard for more than 25 years so that the tour you choose is unique and the guide will show you and explain what interests you the most. And on this tour, we have strived in a very special way. You want to know why? We have created a tour that no one else in the city offers. Outside the tourist circuits but in the heart of Barcelona. A tour that shows you the real Barcelona, ​​the city lived by the neighbors and that breathes a modern lifestyle between streets with centuries of history. I’m sure it will captivate you

Barcelona Slow Gothic Tour is a timeless tour that is born from our experience. Our office is in the center so any outing to see a customer or go shopping for food becomes a nice walk and on occasion to discover something new in the city. We thought you would love to discover this Barcelona. Away from mass tourism but with many stories and places to discover. You will feel that you have known the real Barcelona.


  • Pick up at the point you tell us.
  • Official local guide Expert in Barcelona and eager to answer all your questions.
  • Customization: Modify the tour to your liking. Add a stop or modify the route. It is a private tour and you can modify it as you want.
  • End on a terrace to do some gathering
  • Gastronomy KM.0 (a surprise tasting awaits you)
  • Available languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Italian.
  • Additional languages: German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Japanese.

Ready to discover the real Barcelona?

If you do not like conventional speeches of guides who repeat the same script day after day, Slow Gothic Tour is what you are looking for.

Slow Gothic Tour is not a »classic tour». It is a timeless route that without following a chronological order proposes you to know special places, full of history, with a lot of charm and above all: authentic. Churches, monuments, stories and streets that are unknown even to many residents of Barcelona.

The road takes you, for 3km. through the winding streets of the neighborhoods of La Ribera, El Born and the most unknown Gothic area. You will know a part of the old town, the heart of the city and the oldest and most beautiful center of Barcelona.

Occasionally a pleasant gastronomic surprise awaits you during the tour and to end a good gathering with the guide in a quiet cafe under the stillness and charm of Gothic architecture.

«We have been working in Barcelona tours for more than 25 years. It is our city and we love it. Often meetings or errands outside the office become small walks where you discover something new in Barcelona. This route does not follow a temporary script but is made from our experiences and preferences. When you finish it you have the feeling of knowing Barcelona a bit more »

Sònia LópezOfficial guide and Project Manger at Icono Serveis

The only tour where you can sit and chat with the guide.

We are interested in meeting you We do not want to offer you a typical tour to explain the typical things about the city in an anonymous and impersonal way.

On this tour, you will not feel like one more tourist of the bunch anymore. We explain a lot of interesting stories about the past and present of the city. Stories that go beyond dates and architectural styles. Stories of people who lived here before us, before you came to know the city: workers, merchants, nuns, postmen, citizens who lived in Barcelona and who have contributed to making it what it is today.

But we also want to know you. Therefore, at the end of the tour, you can sit down and share a coffee with our guide. You will have the chance to tell him that you are interested and to tell you more about Barcelona.

We do not like rush and in this tour, we take it easy.

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