• The panellets, a living tradition

    ICONO take you to La Colmena, a bakery that has been sweetening Barcelona since 1849

ICONO recommends: panellets in La Colmena

Winter is coming to Barcelona, our city, and we ICONO want you to experiment the traditions of this beautiful season. That’s why we want to take you to visit La Colmena, a famous centenary cake shop known for its handmade panellets.

Since a few days ago the greedy ones have been able to eat a very desired sweet, specially on October: the panellet. Usually you can only find this sweet during autumn, though some bakeries as La Colmena decided to prepare it all year long.

The panellets are little round sweets made of sugar, egg and almond and in some homemade recipes also with regular or sweet potato. You can also add more ingredients such as pinions, crushed almonds, coconut or chocolate, although the traditional ones are the pinions and almonds ones. In Catalonia the panellet is a typical sweet from All Saints day, on November 1st, together with chestnuts and sweet potatoes. The origin of this tradition is still known, but it may come from some muffin offerings that people did years ago to churches or graveyards during this festivity.

ICONO want you to taste the original handmade panellets, so we’ll take you to La Colmena, one of the oldest cake shops in Barcelona that has been perfuming Angel’s square in Gothic Quarter with its sweets. As a part of our Slow Gothic Tour, we will guide you till this centenary commerce so you can try their typical panellets, without dyes or preservatives, made with the original almond, egg and sugar mass.

ICONO want you to experience the magic of the traditions in Barcelona. Now you can book any of the available dates of the Slow Gothic Tour. Among other activities and visits, in this unique tour you will visit the centenary bakery La Colmena and you will get to know the tradition of panellets first-hand.

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