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    ICONO keep committed to the tourism of the future

The tourism of the future

After being finalist among more than 50 candidates in  Barcelona Sustainable Tourism Awards, our company know that there’s still a way to go in the field of good sustainable practices. In addition to celebrating the fact that our city, Barcelona, was the first to be accredited with the Biosphere Certification of sustainable tourist destination by the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR), we ICONO continue with our strategies to adapt to the tourism of the future.

Every year there are more travelers who opt for tourist offers that generate a positive impact on cities and are respectful of the local population, the environment and the efficient use of resources. ICONO share these values, so we remain committed to tourism sustainability in Barcelona through responsible and respectful management with the environment, culture, working conditions and social and economic return.

After the recognition of our good practices by the Barcelona City Council in the Business With Social Value 2019 event, we have established ourselves as a business that has its sights set on a more sustainable tourism sector and committed to the environment. We are proud to think that we have contributed to making Barcelona a benchmark of urban tourism worldwide, with the number of tourists having grown again in the last year.

Barcelona has always projected the desired city abroad. At the same time, this international projection has been key to becoming what the city wanted to be. ICONO wants to be part of this historical change, so we will continue to ensure sustainability and promote the greatest possible social return of our tourism activities, while satisfying the enjoyment of our customers without jeopardizing the survival of the inhabitants of the city.

Our tourism strategy is firmly aimed at guaranteeing the sustainability of Barcelona, ​​to promote, feed and demand responsibility for the actions, practices and activities that make up the city today and that condition the city of the future. Projecting the future city involves rethinking the practices of the present. Sustainability is no longer an option or a brand attribute, it is an inalienable bet. The quality of the tourist experience is to guarantee the well-being of the people who inhabit the city permanently, to guarantee the balance between the tourist city and the other multiple ways of living it.

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