• Description

    Our tresure hunts are unique team building activities: we customize the tests, the route and the locations to suit each client.

    The goal is to enjoy and get to know the city of Barcelona in the company of your work colleagues or friends. (We also have gymkhana in other towns)

    They are activities designed especially for business groups: a relaxed way of participating together in an activity that allows you to discover the city and work on essential elements of internal communication: teamwork, cohesion, leadership …

    They also help to interrelate between the different hierarchical ranks and to create a feeling of belonging to the company.

  • Duration

    2’5-3 hours approximately (but can be adapted to the needs)

  • Groups

    For groups from 15 people

  • Language

    English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Catalan, Russian and Chinese

  • The best

    The laughter that provoke the tests and the complicity that is created to solve them. And the best scenes of Barcelona in the background.

  • In case you want to add

    Añade elementos premius como un actor, un taller de trencadís o una parada de tapas

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