• Description

    An activity halfway between the route and the team building designed following the traditional Trivial game.

    During the itinerary there will be 6 essential stops. In each of them, the guide will ask a question-test related to aspects of the city and the color of the cheese (Categories: History, Art and Literature, Science and Technology, Sports, Shows … and we have changed Geography for Gastronomy because usually like more). The team that obtains the most cheeses wins.

  • Duration

    2 hours approximately (but can be adapted to the needs)

  • Groups

    For groups from 15 people

  • Language

    English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Catalan, Russian and Chinese

  • The best

    An ideal activity if you are looking to make a dynamic route with a game component

  • In case you want to add

    Add a tapas stop or the entrance to some historical monument



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