Art Talks with Anna 

Art lovers can join us for Virtual Art Talks with Anna. 

A new program to explore and discover artists and great art movements from around the world.

You can meet the artists, learn about their work, and ask questions in real-time!  

And more important!  You will find stories and activities that reflect the power of art to soothe the mind, inspire conversation, and bring people together.

It is a great moment to participate and create communities around Art and History. Join us!

The program consists of a monthly session on Saturdays at 11 AM PST.
Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view each session’s contents, but they are interactive, friendly sessions, led by Anna with a clear, entertaining, and deep presentation. At the end, a space for Q & A

We know there is no replacement for experiencing art in person. Yet, the power of art to connect us and transform our thinking remains, even when we can’t be physically together.  


The conversations consist of a monthly session on Saturdays at 11 AM PST.
They are interactive, friendly sessions, led by Anna with a clear, entertaining, and deep presentation.

At the end, a space for Q & A

We invite you to “Celebrate the Art Experience” and have your soul enriched through the power of Art. We foster meaningful experiences with Art.


But… Who is Anna?  Please let her tell you!


My name is Anna Pou van den Bossche, and I am an art historian. I dedicate myself to the dissemination of art. I do it from all possible communication channels: television, radio, digital media, articles, and books… my methodology is transversal explaining the works from philosophy, literature, or music because I think that every moment has its “zeitgeist,” its own spirit, which is manifested through all artistic productions. I explain complex topics easily. I seek to be enjoyable and pedagogical but at the same time deep and rigorous because I believe that academic knowledge and dissemination to the general public go hand in hand more than ever. Only in this way can we make a better society.

I have a degree in Geography and History, specializing in Art History, from Barcelona’s University.
Once I finished my degree, I enjoyed an FPI scholarship (Training of research staff by the “Ministerio de Educación” of Spain) between 1996 and 2000 to do my doctorate and teaching internships in the chair of ‘History of Aesthetic Ideas. The doctorate focused on “Thought, theory, and debate in twentieth-century art” (UB).
In 2009 I obtained the title of “Official Tourist Guide of Catalonia.” In 2010, I graduated with a Postgraduate Degree in “Direction and Management of Cultural Institutions, Companies, and Platforms” at Pompeu Fabra University.
I have consolidated professional experience in the world of dissemination and current affairs in the field of art. I have been the presenter of the art section in the ÀRTIC program (bet

evé) since 2014 and, together with the content design, of the TOT ART program on the same television. I was responsible for the creation of the artistic contents of the THIS IS ART program of Brutal Media productions (TV3, TV2, MOVISTAR, RAI 1, Al-Jazeera, TV Peru, New Zealand, Mexico, Greece). I also regularly collaborate with the production company Minoria Absoluta as an artistic consultant and Catalunya Ràdio (Estat de Gràcia, La nit dels innocents, Popap) RAC1 (Versió) as a specialist in artistic subjects.

I also have extensive professional experience in the field of teaching Art History and Pedagogy. Of note are the Teacher Training courses at the College of Doctors and Graduates in Philosophy and Letters of Catalonia, the University of Girona, and the Rosa Sensat School, as well as the courses taught at the following institutions: Fundació Clos, Amics dels Museus de Catalunya, Amics del MNAC, Germandat de Poblet (meeting of Intellectuals) and at the universities of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra (summer courses). I lived in Munich between 2004 and 2012, where I taught courses and seminars on art and art pedagogy at the Instituto Cervantes, the Pädagogisches Institut München, and the Münchener Volkshochschule. I also did Teacher Training for the Universities of Augsburg and Nuremberg-Erlangen. From 2012 to the present, in addition to some of the institutions already mentioned, I teach courses at ESHAB (Barcelona School of Art History), in the Classroom for the Elderly, at the University of the Experience of the International University of Catalonia (UIC) and in the online Master’s degree “Syncletic” of the Monastery of St Benet de Montserrat (in collaboration with the University of Berlin).
Under the direction of Dr. Joan Sureda, I have carried out various researches including “Architectural Heritage of the University of Barcelona” (1993) and “Critical analysis and sources of cartography of the visual and monumental environment of the Mediterranean area in modern times. ACAF-Art. ” (UB). I have several didactic publications, articles, and books, of which I would highlight my studies on Goya. I have published monographs on Catalan and universal artists for newspapers such as El Mundo, La Vanguardia, Ara, and El País and writing a series dedicated to Museums of the World by Planeta Agostini.

Our goal is to offer various artists, from different countries and periods, without following a chronological order. Artists transcend their time, and although it is logical to follow a certain order, it is not necessary to study by periods.
We like comparisons and contrasts, and that’s how we want to show you.
In the agenda, if you can see that several are Spanish.

El Greco, art and mysticism

 Velazquez, an intellectual at court

Goya, an illustrated romantic

Gauguin, the adventurer

Van Gogh or the fusion with the landscape

Frida Kahlo, pain and revolution

Vermeer and the Pearl Woman

Rubens, the great baroque businessman

Bernini, the glory of Rome

Caravaggio, the painter of the underworld

Michelangelo, melancholy and sublimity

Leonardo, the scientific artist

Zurbarán, the mystical painter

Pollock pioneer of American art

Warhol: art, business, and consumption

Georgia O Keefe, the first American female artist

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    Icono Live Tours are live! Although questions are encouraged throughout the presentation, we will leave 15 to 30 minutes at the end of the session for discussion and questions.
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    The meeting room is open to late arrivals 15 minutes after the start time. After that, the room will be closed for the remainder of the event. Please, let us know if you need to enter later,
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    Each ticket admits one guest. We ask if you have more than one viewer that you purchase multiple tickets to provide a fair experience to all our guests. Have a big group? Contact us about a Private session tailored specifically to your group.
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Upcoming sessions

las meninas

Velazquez, an intellectual at court

Velázquez was a Chamber Painter, the highest rank an artist could have in Philip IV’s reign. Not only could he access at king’s room, but he ended up being a good friend of the king, which is absolutely unusual for a king or an artist.

The friendship that Philip extended towards Velázquez through court appointments, further training, and high esteem within daily life at court seems to be the exception to the rule.

Saturday, March 27

Vermeer and the Pearl Woman

Johannes Vermeer was a very slow painter. He painted two pictures a year and had to use mannequins for the hours he spent painting. This is due to his technique so particular to him, which specializes in the works, which seem to be suspended in the air. We will discover that behind these flirtatious women are hidden allegories and scenes that we would never have suspected. At the same time, we will get to know in-depth the objects, chairs, maps, and other instruments that repeatedly appear in his work.

Saturday, April 24


Francisco de Goya  “the first of the moderns.”

Like Velazquez, Goya was a Spanish court painter whose best work was done apart from his official duties. He is known for his scenes of violence, especially those prompted by the French invasion of Spain. The series of etchings Los desastres de la guerra (“The Disasters of War”, 1810-14) records the horrors of the Napoleonic invasion. His masterpieces in painting include The Naked Maja and The Clothed Maja (c. 1800-05). He also painted charming portraits such as Senora Sabasa Garcia.

For the bold technique of his paintings, the haunting satire of his etchings, and his belief that the artist’s vision is more important than tradition, Goya is often called “the first of the moderns.” His uncompromising portrayal of his times marks the beginning of 19th-century realism.

Saturday, July 10

“What a fabulous Zoom class on Dali! Anna Pou is BRILLIANT and shows such an all encompassing understanding of an artist who is generally difficult to understand! Please keep giving these lectures on Artistic Masters! I’d love to see a 4-8 part class in each artist, but it is nice to have a comprehensive overview!
Thank you for this offering at such a reasonable price, too.
Such an offering is invaluable during these times.
I now love Dali even more than I thought possible- what a mind! Such a talent. A deep, complex soul.”

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Art Talks with Anna

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