Online activities

We have been dedicated to offering the best cultural experiences for 25 years. Now you can enjoy our activities also online, with the guarantee of our experience.

Live specialists

Our guides and experts will interact with you live and in several languages. In addition to entertaining you with their explanations, they will attend to any request you have.

100% personalized

We can adapt all our services to your needs and values. We totally tailor the experience you need. Your comfort comes first.

Experience Innovation Dedication Personalized attention Efficiency Professionalism

ICONO was created 25 years ago with the purpose of bringing culture and heritage closer in a different way. Since then, we began to create pioneering experiences that promoted Cultural Tourism, innovating and imagining new ways of traveling, something that the present moment asks us more than ever.

Technology is that new path and that is why we bet on our innovative virtual experiences, a revolutionary way of doing tourism and consuming the culture that has come to stay.



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