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Virtual Tapas Challenge

   Schedule: you choose the day and time.

     Language: the one that your group prefers.

  Price: you’ll have your budget within 24h.

   Comfort: play from anywhere.

Description of the activity

Virtual Tapas Challenge is a fun online group activity that will make you an expert in Spanish gastronomy.

Can you tell us typical dishes from different regions? Do you know what the Zarangollo is? And Ernest Hemingway’s favorite Spanish dish? From the hand of one of our guides you will discover all this and much more! Typical dishes and products, the origin of tapas, ingredients, curiosities and traditions, gastronomic films … We will go through all this in an agile way in a quiz format, with different questions and very fun challenges that we will solve in teams.

As a culmination, it will be time to get down to business to make a tapa with the ingredients you have at home. The purpose is not to make a Michelin star lid, but the important thing is to be original, creative and take advantage of what we have in the pantry. We will be able to comment and see the different tapas, and the guide will select the best one

Get ready to bring out your inner chef! At the end, the team that has achieved the most points will be the winner of the Tapas Challenge, an activity that will make you have a fun time with your group of friends, with your family or colleagues. The fact of being each one at home or in different cities is no longer an impediment to get together and enjoy together. Before you start, prepare a drink that you like or an appetizing snack, and … have fun!


  • Duration: 1.30h – 2h.
  • Platform: The activity is organized through a platform that allows screen sharing and creating virtual rooms such as Zoom. The guide will welcome you and accompany you throughout the action.
  • Objectives: The main objective of this activity is to have a fun and playful time. Depending on the type of group, it is perfect for breaking the ice and creating complicities, while discovering curiosities of Spanish gastronomy.
  • Groups: We recommend that the groups be between 5 and 100 pax. For larger groups, contact us: anything is possible!
  • Modalities: the quiz can be played individually or by teams, at your choice.
  • If you have any request, we will make it come true!

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