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Family tours in Barcelona

We ICONO take into acount all of our clients, and children are no exception. We’re in love with Barcelona , our city, and one of our goals is that you can discover it with your kids and that they learn about culture and the most charismatic buildings.

One of the options ICONO offers you is to visit Barcelona in a guided tour. You’ll wander through the most charming corners of the city with a guide who will explain you curiosities that you wouldn’t know as an expert of Barcelona.

If you’d rather do one of our guided tours in family, choosing your companions, we have a wide range of private tours from which you’ll be able to choose the best route for you. If you opt for a private tour you’ll choose not only the pace of your visit, but the transportation service and the itinerary for your route. All of your experience can be customized.

If, on the other hand, you wouldn’t mind sharing your experience with other people, you can also book one of our regular tours, which have daily or weekly departure and are specially designed to enjoy by families despite not being exclusive.

Family activities in Barcelona


Another way to arouse children’s interest and make them fall in love with the buildings and corners of Barcelona like us, is with one of our special activities for families. One of them is the Drakcelona activity, in which the children will have to chase the hidden dragons in Barcelona and also discover fantastic characters.

There are a lot of dragons and creatures hidden all over Barcelona, so kids and adults will be able to discover the locations and buildings where these are located. In the Drakcelona activity you’ll get to know the different artistic forms in which these dragons and fantastic creatures throughout history: sculptures, stone figures, iron…

In Drakcelona you and your group will look for and find dragons in the city thanks to hints, pictures, tales and other materials that we’ll hand you during the route, and at the end you will know all about their stories and why they’re still so important to the city.

Christmas in front of the Sea: Experiencia privada en Barcelona

If you’re planning to visit Barcelona at Christmas, ICONO also offers a private experience for families. in Christmas in front of the Sea: Barcelona Private experience you will discover our city in one of the best possible seasons, at Christmas time, with an exclusive local guide just for you and your group. You’ll be fascinated by the unique rituals and traditions of Catalunya and Barcelona during Christmas.

In this private tour you and your family or group will wander through the most emblematic spots in Barcelona such as the cathedral and its terrace with amazing views of the city, and you will visit the biggest Christmas fairs, where you’ll be able to try sweets and other traditional handmade treats. We offer you a family friendly tour and if you ask the guide, he/she will recommend other plans you can do in the city.

We ICONO want you to have fun with your family. That’s why we have a wide range of activities which have been specially designed to enjoy with children and families. Apart from enjoying your visit in Barcelona you’ll also have a lot of fun with your children and family members.

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