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MICE: future is here

The current need for social distancing has once again brought to the table the need to promote virtual events. The future of events and team building activities for the company is fundamentally through the celebration of them online, combining the virtual presence in meetings with the creation of a virtual community that presents many opportunities.
The digital transformation in the MICE sector is synonymous with an innovative company, since this type of virtual events offer high added value to these conferences. It is not only how you interact, but also what you get with events, and in this, new technologies will mark a before and after.

New: ICONO Live Team Building

At ICONO we have spent many years betting on the latest technologies on the market to offer our clients unique experiences. Therefore, we are perfectly prepared to use this technology in the development of digital events, the ideal alternative for companies in current circumstances, and in promoting the future of the MICE Sector, which undoubtedly goes through virtual events.

In this sense, we are pleased to present our new product line: ICONO Live Team Building. Aimed at companies or groups that due to the situation in which we find ourselves are forced to telework and want to enhance the cohesion of the teams and strengthen their performance remotely, this new type of event involves connecting through an online platform, where one of our professionals becomes a master of ceremonies for the participants. In addition to facilitating access to the activity by the members of the companies, this new system allows to avoid the inconvenience of the weather, ensuring the celebration of the event, as well as having fun in a sustainable and responsible way with the environment.

ICONO Trivia

The first of the official products of this new line of services is ICONO Trivia, a question and answer game in the format of a television contest ideal for entertaining all kinds of events. This online activity embraces a wide range of themes and different formats that adapt to the characteristics of each group so that the experience is as personalized as possible.

Spoken by a master of ceremonies, the quiz questions are asked in a fun and entertaining way, providing anecdotes and interesting information throughout the game. There are as many rounds and number of questions as you like, and the theme is chosen by the contracting group. It can be played individually or in teams through an online platform and the game takes place at the preferred time. At ICONO we want to connect the needs of the clients with our ideas, we understand that we are all different and that there is a type of message for each person. Our experience with hundreds of clients supports us and makes us your best option.

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