Why you will love this tour?

Do you want to move through Barcelona as effortlessly as a local? If you want to join them and figure this Barcelona thing out, we have your back. Learn how to order a “cortado o tallat” at any bar, move around the metro or the “Ferrocarrils” or how to even take a taxi in the local way. 

Over the course of 2 hours, one of our passionate and friendly Catalan guides will meet you in our downtown office to help you demystify the secrets of our culture, find the tastiest restaurants, navigate public transportation, order the right tapas and “pintxos” and so much more. You’ll also get a guided tour of the Old City neighborhood so you can experience the life in Barcelona like a true Barcelonian.

Trust in the wisdom of our guides and discover Barcelona

Our guides will meet you in our downtown office and, as we know the quickest way to your heart, they will bring a selection of Catalan snacks to enjoy as you sit down for an informative chat.

Your guide will demystify a map of Barcelona, pointing out interesting neighborhoods and sights worth seeing. According to your interests we can provide you with a list of favorite cafés, restaurants, shopping locations, local markets, museums…anything you’re on the lookout for.

You’ll also get a lesson on navigating the city: from taxis to the bike rental system and of course the metro. You’ll find out how Barceloneses  handle everyday situations like tipping, dealing with moody waiters, avoiding pickpockets, and sidestepping crowds at popular attractions.

You’ll find out which Montjuic sides offer the best views, where the classic restaurants are, how to find the best paella in town, and more. We can even teach you a few catalan phrases for ordering at a restaurant or asking for the check.

After your Barcelona briefing you’ll be ready to explore your neighborhood. You’ll learn the difference between a cafeteria and a “Granja”, or a “cule” and a “perico”, or which type of wine you should buy for example. You’ll also get a quick hands-on tutorial in a nearby metro station. By the end you’ll be more than ready to tackle this beautiful city!

What does the Orientation Tour include?

  • Everything you need to know to navigate Barcelona like a pro.
  • We come to you, bringing loads of knowledge—and pastries!
  • Get to know the gothic quarter neighborhood so you can blend in with the locals.
  • Valuable recommendations by a resident who knows the city.

Welcome to Barcelona Orientation Tour, point by point

Meeting point: Carrer Montsió 10. Rusc de turisme.

Gothic Quarter Tour.

Want to visit more attractions? It’s up to you!

Este tour es el más completo que hemos encontrado para descubrir Barcelona en 1 día. Además no hemos tenido que preocuparnos por las entradas. Entramos directamente por la entrada de grupos sin tener que hacer cola y nos dieron auriculares para escuchar mejor al guía. En el Park Güell tampoco tuvimos que esperar. Pero lo que más nos ha gustado son las explicaciones del guía. Sabía de todos los temas y nos explicó historias super interesantes de la ciudad y nos enseñó los rincones más escondidos del Gótico.

Jorge Hernández14-06-2018. Tour Best of Barcelona.

We loved Barcelona. It’s an amazing city. We are so glad to find this tour and be able to personalized without cost. Anna did a great job and was very kind with our kids. It’s difficult to  keep children’s attention during 6 hours but the 3 of them were very interested and even asking questions.  And they enjoyed to climb in the Park Güell. The idea to adapt de tour for the kids was the key! Thank you.

Wickers FamilyTour Best of Barcelona. 29-10-2018

Experience the city as a local

Barcelona is a vibrant city full of energy and history. It can be intimidating to know where to go, what to do, and how to find anything that’s not already listed in a guidebook. In this two-hour sit-down chat and informal tour you will meet a local insider who knows Barcelona inside and out, what makes it different and special, and how to feel like a local while you are here. Ideal for your day of arrival, or very beginning of your trip.

We begin by meeting you at Rusc de Turisme, a Tourist Information Center. Your insider will show up with maps, schedules of events, and tons of know-how about using local transport, where to eat, and fun places to visit. We’ll spend about an hour together discussing your trip and answering any questions about what to do while you’re here.

Next, we’ll hit the streets for a basic, 1-hour introduction to the Gothic neighborhood. We point out some local attractions—big and small—and orient you to your surroundings.  Depending on where you’re staying and what interests you we wander farther afield and explore the city more widely.

The goal of this experience is to give you insight into the local culture and pace of life in Barcelona so that you’ll feel a little more local while you’re here. We will explain local customs (How do you buy produce in the local market? What’s the correct word for that breakfast pastry glistening with sugar? What is the local drink of choice?) and share with you a bit of the area’s history. During these two hours together you will have the unique opportunity to learn from your insider’s expertise and love for their city.

Why should you book directly on this website?


Add to the route you choose all the stops you want. We pick you up and drop you off where you tell us.

Free cancelation

If for whatever reason you cannot come with us, we will refund the full amount, as long as you give us 48 hours’ notice.


Best price guaranteed

We set ourselves apart from the well-known “free tours” that are so fashionable nowadays. Our tours have a price and you will never find it as low as on our own website.

How to book this private tour

The tour is 100% customizable, so if you want to change any of the stops to add another or delete one to reduce the duration (6 hours), contact us with your request and we will answer you with the steps to follow to complete the reserve.

We find this tour looking in internet and we decided to buy it after talking with one of the guys there. We didn’t know nothing about the company but we trusted it because of the personal treat and. Everything was very professional: the booking, the guide and the car.

Emilie TaylorTour Best of Barcelona. 7-5-2019

An ideal tour if you have little time to visit Barcelona. We went through all the important places and saw the highlights of the city. The car very comfortable and clean. The guide knew a lot and answered all the questions

Jean R. BaudotTour Postcards from Barcelona. 4-07-2019

FAQ about the private tour

How can I customize the experience?

Our private tours are fully customizable. If after reading what it includes you want to make a request, such as entering some museums or having private transport, you just have to contact us through this link, tell us what you want to modify and leave us your data. We will answer you and we can follow the process.

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